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So, You're Not Funny?


Tip 187

ha, ha, ha, laughter
from Clipart.com

You Can Learn—Enough for Your Marriage

Maybe you won’t become a stand-up comic, but you can learn to add humor to your life. Why?

–Life is more fun when you can find humor in things.
–Not everything has to be treated as a downer.
–Your health will be better when you add humor to your life.
–Christians get a bad rap because too many represent only doom and gloom to get people to follow Christ–something is wrong with that picture, but I won’t go into it here.

So, if humor doesn’t come easily to you, try reading some instruction to help lighten your outlook on the world. Sometimes if you don’t treat doom and gloom with some humor, you won’t be able to forge through the crisis at all.

I have 3 books on my shelves: two are about writing humor: D* That’s Funny! Writing Humor You Can Sell by Gene Perret and another How to Write Funny edited by John B. Kachuba. Another great resource to add joy to your life is Laugh Again, Experience Outrageous Joy by Charles R. Swindoll. Did you know there were books to teach you how to add humor and laughter to your life?

Take stock of yourself and see if you need to find more humor in life. Your relationships will improve if you don’t take everything so seriously 100% of the time.

How do you and your spouse find humor in daily life? Tell us your thoughts below.

*Terry Gross, Philadelphia. “Drew Carey.” NPR Fresh Air. National Public Radio. 1998. HighBeam Research. 22 Sep. 2010

~ Glenda (gj)
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Take a Train Ride


Tip 185

Check for Trains in Your Area


from Clipart.com

Trains may seem old-fashioned, but that’s part of their quaintness.

Look for a train focusing on providing scenic routes with a variety of amenities.  If you can, take the supreme route with all the amenities so that you will be attended to in the most elegant, old-fashioned manner.

Sometimes train rates are cheaper during winter months. Then, again, many train lines offer a Polar Express which is only featured in winter.

Check the Internet for train rides in your area to see what is offered. Look at http://www.tourvacationstogo.com/train.cfm?source=google for an overview of various world-wide passenger train offerings.

This link http://www.railsusa.com/links/Tourist_Railroads/ takes you to various tourist/vacation train destinations.

Or, if one of your interests is visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you might think about looking at what you can enjoy through  http://www.thetrain.com/grand-canyon-train-5677.html.

If you’ve been on a train ride, where was it to and did you like it?

~ Glenda (gj)
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Help the Community Keep Kids Safe


Tip 184  

Everyone Needs Volunteers 

from Clipart.com

There are always many activities with churches and communities to try to provide safe, alternative environments for this day which obliges children to often be in dark surroundings and can put them in harm’s way. If you don’t have a church or organization to help with, find one for which you can volunteer your help. 

You’ll feel thrilled knowing that you and your spouse helped provide a fun but safe evening for so many children out and about. 

It’s also not too early to start thinking about how you can help needy families during the holiday season. 

What do you do on Halloween night to help children stay safe?

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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Spooky Stories


Tip  182       


Don’t Forget the Flashlights 


from Clipart.com

 You’ll have to take some gooey snacks like gummy worms. or if that’s not your fare, just munch on some dried fruit and nuts. It’s an outing almost like you did when you were a kid at slumber parties.

Since during this time of year the evenings are usually very cool, you’ll definitely need to dress warmly and take some blankets for cuddling. If it’s snowing, look for cover under a deck awning or trees. Though you’d probably feel a bit kooky in doing so, if it’s raining—or snowing too hard, you might sit in your car–but no heater on–so that you can really snuggle. Be sure to have your hot cider with you. Of course, if your car is sitting in the garage, somehow, you sort of lose the effect.

The flashlight. The flashlight is for ambience like when you were a kid. It’s dark out and you hold the flashlight near the base of your chin as you tell each other the spookiest made-up stories you can think of. The flashlight creates those eerie shadows on your face as you tell the stories.

You probably won’t stay out long, but even for 30-45 minutes makes it worlds of fun.

Sounds a bit too childish for your sophisticated, upper echelon tastes? Hey, having fun in marriage is something just the two of you do, and you don’t have to tell everyone you were out sitting in your car telling each other spook stories—unless you want too.

Of course, your friends won’t understand, and they’ll definitely put you on a watch list for being people who are headed for institutional therapy. 

It’s all about reclaiming the kid in you to find those fun outlets in marriage. 

What kind of spooky stories do you like to tell–or have your grown out of liking spooky stories? 

 ~ Glenda (gj)
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Earn Money with Negativity


Tip 164

Start a Negative Jar 

If you are like many people, you probably have just wee bit of a problem in being negative way too much. Somehow  it seems to take less brain energy to complain, blame, and criticize than it does to think of better ways of doing things, accept responsibility, overlook faults in people who may not be perfect like you. 

Then, you get a married couple together, and you can easily get twice the negativity; actually it can increase exponentially. 

Start fresh today. This is a one-month experiment.   

from Clipart.com

Make a negative/complaint jar. Decide between you how much negative/complaining/blaming comments are worth: 25 cents, $1.00, $5.00, $20.00, whatever you can pay that causes you to wince every time you put money in the jar.  Keep the jar for one month. Each time one spouse hears the other spouse being negative, the negative speaking spouse has to fork over the money and put it into the jar–no IOU’s, either.

Along with your money, drop a piece of paper with your own name in your own handwriting into the jar. At the end of the month, the person who has his/her name the least in the jar gets the whole jar.  

By the way, if you have kids living at home and they hear you being negative, that counts, too. No criticisms are allowed of your spouse, your kids, yourself, about anyone else, the housework, your work environment, your yard, long lines in the grocery store, the monthly bills, nothing.

Is there something you have a habit of being critical about? Do you think you can go for a month without being critical–can your spouse?

~ Glenda (gj)
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Make a Video of Today


Tip 163


This Is One Day in a Thousand Years

from Clipart.com


Make a video of you or your surroundings. Record this pivotal calendar date of 10-10-10.  It will be a thousand years before this date rolls around again. 

Ten is such a significant number. That’s one of the first things moms check for is 10 fingers and ten toes on their newborns. The media constantly touts the 10 most, least, biggest, wealthiest, craziest, funniest, lists.  

This “same day, same month, same year” type date will pass by before you know it. You only have two more chances in this millennium to make note of such types of calendar days: 11-11-11 and 12-12-12.  

Mark these days to celebrate. Photograph the newspaper of huge events that happened this week.    

Make a time capsule of commonplace ways to do things. Things that seem commonplace now and are taken for granted, won’t be the same in a few years. Remember those telephones everyone used to use in movies that could actually be bammed over an intruder’s head? You don’t get the same image in thinking about bamming an intruder over the head with a cell phone.   Put your video on a DVD and address it to your great, great, great, great grandchildren—or for the people in 2110 if you have no children.  

Think about taking part in the One Day on Earth  project, where participants record video of anything they like Oct. 10 to culminate in a film documenting the human experience over a 24-hour period.

How’s your 10-10-10? Anything special? Do you have plans for 11-11-11 or 12-12-12?


~ Glenda (gj)
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Plans Are Always Visible

  • Tip # 157

Excitement of Something Always to Happen  

from Clipart.com


Make plans for things to do, places to go, or events to see so that it’s uppermost in your mind always. It gives you something to continually look forward to. That creates excitement and can help through doldrum times when there seems to be no time for anything you want to do.

Keep the tickets for an event or a note of your plans in visible view at all times: on the refrigerator, on the nightstand, taped to the bathroom vanity mirror. It doesn’t matter where, just keep the plans in the forefront of your thoughts at all times–well, as much as you can.

What plans do you keep on your agenda for things to do in the future–one week, a month, a year?

~ Glenda (gj) 

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Nonstop Television


  • Tip # 156

from Clipart.com


Did you know that the television doesn’t need to be on 24/7?

For some people, that can be a completely revolutionary thought.

If your TV must be on 90% of the time, at least turn it off during meal time so that you can have real conversation at a normal decibel while eating. No shouting over the TV. No constant eye contact on the TV instead of each other. No, “wait a minute, I’ve got to see this part.”

Yes, it’s sort of a major switch for some people, but try it, you might like it. If you don’t like it, try it longer.

How does your family deal with the TV during mealtime? Tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj) 

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Read a Book


from Clipart.com
  • Tip # 154

Have Your Own Book Club



Find a book you’d both like to read and either buy two copies or get two copies from the library.

Read it at the same time and discuss your thoughts about the book.

For many current books, you can find author interviews on the Internet along with discussion questions relating to the book and how it’s written.

Have you and your spouse ever talked about books you are reading near the same time? Do you think you could find a book you’d both like? You can comment below.

~Glenda (gj)

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Starbucks Cards Drawing Moved to November 1


If you remember back from September 14 and 15, there was to be a drawing for Starbucks cards on October 1.

Only one person has guessed what Jack is doing in the photo, so we’re moving the drawing to November 1.

Check back then.

~ Glenda (gj) 


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You Can't Make Another Person Happy

  • Tip # 153

Happiness and Fulfillment Is Your Own Job for Yourself 

When you are in those first stages of love, you’d vehemently deny these statements. It seems that the love of your love is all you’ll ever need.  

Yet, after a while you notice that your partner doesn’t always make you happy or fulfill your every need; maybe it’s when you each are wanting to do something completely different and neither wants to budge. Differences are what make life.  

It’s exhilarating to have a love mate that seems to makes us happy and fulfill all our needs even after years and years of marriage. So, how does this happen when it seems to be a contradiction of the statements we started with? It’s because each person in the marriage knows that you still maintain your individuality, your wants, your dreams, your desires and learn how to meld those together without becoming a shell of a person with no integrity of your own. Plus, no one wants to be married to a marionette. And no one can maintain happiness if they have to do all the bending and changing. Both people have to learn to change together—not necessarily in the same way but in a way that works well with each other.   

By each staying true to self, the individual becomes a bigger, better, richer, fuller person united as couple.

Do you believe that you should stay as individuals in a marriage? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

List of Music Charts

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Working Late

  • Tip # 150

What Does Your Spouse Need?

Don’t rely on your spouse grabbing a bite on the way home from work or worse, having to prepare something when he or she gets home.

Go the extra effort to make sure that you have a meal, snack, leftovers heated, fruit cut-up, or something for when your spouse gets home later from work than you do.

No one likes to get home late and then have to look for what to eat after an already long day. Having something ready is a thoughtful gesture that says a lot.

What’s your thoughts on this? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj) 



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Hotel Amenities

  • Tip # 148

Turn the Covers Back 

Occasionally, if you are staying up later than your spouse, turn the bed linens back to make it special for your spouse going to bed before you. 

Fold the edges of the bedding carefully. Make it look as if room service in a luxurious resort had turned the covers back. 


from Clipart.com

Would you like your bed covers turned back for you? You can comment below.

  ~ Glenda (gj)  


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Rarely Do People Agree

  • Tip # 147

Heavy Covers or Light-Weight Goose-Down

You like covers heavy enough to be considered X-ray proof lead blankets on the bed. 

Your spouse likes light-weight, down comforters or a thin sheet to sleep under—even in mid-winter! 

What’s a couple to do?  

Make the bed be agreeable for both of you. Put different types of covers on each side of the bed.

How do you and your partner agree on the bedtime covers? Tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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Watching Your Diet


from Clipart.com

  • Tip # 144


It’s What You Do That Counts, Not What You Talk About  

If you are counting calories, carbs, WW points, fats, triglycerides, sugars, fiber, cholesterol, salt, saturated fat versus non-saturated fat, corn syrup versus real sugar or fructose, organic versus mass-market grown with volumes of pesticides and herbicides, free-range versus cooped-up-in-cages, brown versus white, whole grain versus whole wheat or white, soy versus cows, processed versus fresh, canned or frozen, nitrates versus none (did I miss anything?), then keep your mouth shut about it at meal time! Meal time is meant to be enjoyed with someone else’s company. Mealtime is for sharing and conversation—not vilifying every food label and tiny print on boxes and juice cans or for discussion the latest e-coli or salmonella article.  

If you must constantly discuss your eating habits, do it at another time. Leave meal time for enjoyment. You might not realize this, but people do wear out in hearing about every label or food particle ingredient dissected at meal time.  

If it’s too hard for you not to bring up your food analyzations while dining with someone, then take note cards to the table of subjects you can discuss.

How do you feel when eating with someone who continually talks about the non-merits or merits of food? Do you ever get tired of hearing about it? You can tell us below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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Work At It

  • Tip # 143

Work, Work, Work–It Never Ends


from Clipart.com

However, it doesn’t take much work or energy to fall in love or get married. You can walk in front of a justice of the peace and get married—no planning, no work, no stress.

But, staying married? Staying in loving with each other? Those take work and a high EQ.

What’s EQ? EQ is your energy quotient. How do you get it? It’s your physical energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy all rolled into one and how you apply it.

When you are facing problems, don’t jump to the conclusion that “you just don’t love each other any more.” All marriage roads are bumpy. Don’t immediately look for the easy route.  

Examine your own self and your own attitudes. Are you relying on everything to play out like a wonderful fairytale or are you pulling in all the strength of your EQ to make things work? To make loving, fun marriage takes a lot of work and EQ.

Do you feel if you are in love that marriage should take work? You can comment below.

~ Glenda (gj)  

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