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Tip 385

Anticipate Exciting Things to Come


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It’s September 1 today. Can’t you feel that breeze blowing and the seasons changing? Fall events are starting soon whether that’s kids’ school activities, fall harvest activities, holiday activities, Christmas celebrations—our minds are full of things soon to come.

Well, maybe I stretched the part about “feel the breeze blowing and the seasons changing.” I don’t feel much change either, but whether you live in the northern hemisphere or the southern, soon the weather will be changing, at least by the end of this month in most places. This is a time of year that thinking positive goes a long way to hurrying up a change in weather—at least I think it helps.

It’s also a time to plan upcoming family activities.

Plan something fun for you and your mate or for you and your family. It adds to the intrigue if you don’t tell anyone what you are planning. Put a big note on the refrigerator or somewhere obvious with nothing but the date written on the note.

Tomorrow, put more notes around with only that one date written on it.

As the days pass, you might add little hints of what’s going to take place on this date you’ve chosen.

Your plans don’t have to be for anything expensive or elaborate—just make sure it’s something worth the wait.

What do you think? What fun plans can you make to surprise your family?


~ Glenda (gj)

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