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Wow, it’s been almost two months since I’ve posted here. That was certainly a huge slip-up for me, and I have as many excuses as everyone else can name for why things aren’t done.

It’s been a great summer for us, including:  more trips than I can name, a marriage class Jack and I taught, lots of BBQ’s outdoors, a week in the mountains in our RV for non-stop writing, hundreds of hours spent in preparing for Jack’s mom’s 90th birthday, attending a graduation at the Cardinals Stadium in Phoenix, “camping out” in our RV (some don’t call that camping), and lots of fun watching dvd’s of a TV crime show (NCIS) some friends hooked us on. It’s been a productive summer, too. I’ve worked countless hours on several projects.

I have a friend from years ago with whom I email frequently. She often says, “You need to take some time to relax.” Hearing something like that always leads Jack and I to talk about that concept.

To us, the statement “you need to take some time to relax” implies that whatever you are doing is drudgery. You are forging through until you can finally get around to having a good time with nothing to do or think about.

I think that’s what’s different in our married life. No matter what we are doing, we find ways to make tasks enjoyable. Rarely do we treat anything as just something to get through so that we can start having a good time later. If we are doing a project that is energy draining, then we take frequent breaks together and maybe share something to drink (usually it’s iced tea or Diet Coke).

We also probably do more projects together than singly, so we get the luxury of enjoying each other’s company, too.

For us, fun in our marriage is all about our attitude towards each other no matter what projects or tasks we are doing. The year we put ceramic tile in every single room in our entire house (and changed out all the woodwork at the same time) was literally the most task oriented, grueling, energy draining, yet rewarding year we’ve had. That was 2005 and we always joked that we were heading for divorce court the second we were through. To rip up carpeting in every room and have to move every single item out of each room (including closets) is work. We had plenty of moments where we weren’t jolly and pleasant to each other throughout the nine months it took us to complete the project. It was done most nights when Jack came home from work and on many weekends.

However, throughout that ordeal (and it was an ordeal), I still looked for ways to make it fun for us and not just months and months of grueling work to struggle through.

Our motto could best be summed up as look for ways to enjoy each other’s company and have fun no matter what you are doing. Don’t put the good times off until you retire or take some major vacation around the world when you can afford it. If you wait for times like that, the real enjoyment for each other won’t be there.

Hope you are in the midst of enjoying your mate!

Are there ways you can suggest for enjoying your mate when life’s tasks loom over you?

Glenda (gj)

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