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Packing for Travel


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This may be the midst of travel season for some, but in today’s world, it seems anytime is a time to travel: summer, winter, holidays. Yet, what is the one thing that makes couples more irritated with each other than anything else when leaving for fun and relaxation?

If you said, packing, that would surely be correct. Trying to remember all the essentials to take (yet not take too much) often means days of irritation with the most agitation towards the last few minutes and hours of getting everything ready to leave. Who wants to start on a trip being frustrated with one another and creating a less than happy marriage?

It’s a mundane activity but one which will help get your trip off to much more fun and agreeableness.

Make a list of what you need to pack or do before leaving. Keep a permanent copy so that way you don’t have to strain your brain (and nerves) each time to think through what you need. You’ve made it simple to to make slight adjustments for each trip.

We began doing this several years after we were married when we’d back pack into the mountains. When you are carrying everything on your back that you have to use for the next few days, you need to make sure you have exactly what you need—and not an ounce more. Packs can get very heavy and cumbersome if not done properly, plus there’s no chance of running to the store to pick up a much needed item.

This may not be fun in itself to do, but it sure makes the end result (your travel) more fun and enjoyable not having to scrounge and strain each time you take a trip. It’s one of the best ways to keep the dialog between you less stressful when you’re aiming towards leaving for a good time.

Do you have other travel tips to make the event less stressful?

~ Glenda (gj)

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