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Tip 380

It Doesn’t Have to Be Drudgery

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Have you thought of special things you can do for your mate which at first might seem mundane?

How about—

  • organizing the book shelves so the books are placed according to subjects
  • clean the “nasty” keyboard on your spouse’s computer
  • put the music cd’s in order according to artists or types of music
  • organize the kitchen cabinets or other cabinets so that your mate can find things easily
  • stocking the bathrooms with your mate’s toiletries

Sounds like work and sounds oh, so ho-hum, but things like this can really make your mate happy.

I must include that today is our 41st wedding anniversary. You know how much we enjoy being outdoors during full moons. We missed it by about 5 days this year, but it’s still ¾ of a full moon (the Waning Gibbous stage). That much moon shines beautiful moonlight where we are in the mountain pines in our RV trailer. Fun!

By the way, at our house all the above suggestions reap happy smiles.

What everyday activities can you think of doing which would delight your mate?

~ Glenda (gj)

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