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Happy Marriages Take Work


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Why Should Fun Be Work

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I’ve heard some people say that happy marriages should not take work—it should be natural if you have a good relationship. I agree that it is all natural the first few hours or days, weeks, and possibly the first few years of marriage.

However, when you think about it, marriage is a relationship of two people living in the same household. What’s the big deal about that? It’s how it’s supposed to be.

Yet, no two people agree on everything—how the toilet paper is hung; what kind of peanut butter is best; eating white bread or whole grain bread; good quality deli meat for lunches or the cheap water packed, pressed whatever stuff; choosing pictures on the walls of Great, Great, Great Aunt Prudence or hanging homegrown oil paintings that need a few years to master the techniques, or pricey originals that only increase in value.

How can two people meld cohesively yet maintain each person’s personal identity?

That’s where the work comes in—some days couples can breeze right through their differences. Then there are days when one or the other is tired or having a bad day at work or the cat threw up just before leaving for work—well, some days are just like that.

That’s why marriage takes work. Every moment is not lived in bliss. It’s what you do with those darker, moody moments when things don’t go right that create happy marriages. Sure, it may not seem happy that particular day, but if you don’t wallow in it and you work to get through it and focus on the blessings and the positive, that’s when the marriage will not seem like work every minute of your life.

What do you think? If a couple is happy, why do you think it should take so much work to stay that way?

~ Glenda (gj)

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