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A Loving Gift


Tip 375

It’s the Thought that Counts

from Clipart.com

Remember all those Valentine things we talked about that you were supposed to buy during the after-Valentine’s Day sale—things like glossy red gift bags; cloth covered, red-heart boxes; heart tins?

Dig one of those out from your stash and use it now. (OK, if you didn’t stock up, you can use something else.)

Write on separate small pieces of paper 101 (or more) reasons you

♥  love your sweetheart

  believe your mate is special to you

  know your life is more meaningful because you have your partner

  would chose your mate all over again

Put all these little pieces of paper in one of those special bags, boxes, or tins and give it as a “just because I love you” gift.

Accept that everyday of your marriage hasn’t been the greatest. That’s life. Things happen. We’re human. But, don’t put the bad things at the top of your thoughts.

What do you think?

~ Glenda (gj)

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