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Words of Love


Tip 373

How Many Words Say Love

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If your sweetheart enjoys crossword puzzles, then make one for him or her with all the romantic and loving words you can think of (words which will fit together).

You don’t know how to make a crossword puzzle?

You might want to try Crossword Compiler for the computer. This link is for computers running Windows, however here is some information from the web site for those using a Mac: “The program only runs on Microsoft Windows. However you can run the program on a Mac if you have a Windows running in an emulator or virtual machine (such as Virtual Box, VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop).”

Crossword Compiler is what I have installed on my computer. I keep meaning to get-around-to making some puzzles to post here, but alas, that’s still on my get-around-to-someday list. (That list is quite long so don’t hold your breath waiting for me to post a puzzle or two.)

The program comes with a dictionary and thesaurus. However, the main dictionary and thesaurus I use is http://dictionary.reference.com/ and http://thesaurus.com/.

When you make your your own crossword puzzles, you can include pet names you have for each other, little side-line jokes you share with one another, and any other special tidbits that are meaningful between the two of you—and will fit in the puzzle.

What do you think? Would you like to solve a romantic puzzle made just for you? How about a puzzle made up of all the fun activities that you enjoy and vacations spots you’ve visited?

~ Glenda (gj)

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