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That Time of the Month


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It happens every month and is one of the most alluring things to look forward to. We often plan our schedules around it.

I’ve talked about it before but it never gets tiring. Though this month the full moon was at its fullest two days ago and seemed especially brilliant, there is still plenty of time to make plans to be outdoors or at the very least sit inside by a window and admire the moon.

Find a river or creek or lake—or ocean to sit by and reflect on the beauty of the moon’s reflection on the water.

Visit a local telescope and study the moon during the week it’s at its peak. Research online or in books about what makes a full moon—or how many moons the universe has that we now know of. Why does the earth have only one moon when there are so many moons? How does the moon affect most of the tides?

You have about a week every month to make plans surrounding that month’s full moon. If you’ve never taken the time to appreciate something like a full moon, start now. Talk a walk, have a nighttime picnic, sit in the grass, lie on a blanket and stare at the sky. It’s a great time just to be together in silence, yet it’s also a time that conversations seem to be very reflective and meaningful. Play tennis or badminton or gather a group and play nighttime volleyball in the sand.

Even if your calendar automatically marks full moons, make your own notation so that you’ll start making plans for most months. Once you do something especially memorable during full moon times, each month when you see the full moon, you’re reminded of that special time you had.

Mark these dates on your calendar and let me know what plans you make during the weeks of the following full moons in 2011:

ο  June 15

ο  July 15

ο  August 13

ο  September 12

ο  October 11

ο  November 10

ο  December 10

What do you think? Is it just another ho-hum nighttime sky or one more simple thing to look forward to?

~ Glenda (gj)

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“That Time of the Month”

  1. Avatar May 19th, 2011 at 6:42 pm Lisa Norman Says:

    Wonderful idea. We’ve been flying out over the sound during a full moon at night…amazing.

  2. Avatar May 23rd, 2011 at 8:17 pm Glenda and Jack Says:

    That sounds like a beautiful evening! I tried to respond the other day to this from my phone, but the message didn’t go through. We’d taken our RV 3 hours from where we live and found ourselves in a bit of snow. Full moons make so much of nature truly exquisite.

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