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Tip 363

Anonymity or Celebrity Hood

Which would you chose? I’ve always said how thankful I am that we are not a famous couple living under the microscope of the world’s scrutiny. I like my freedom. There’s comfort in anonymity.

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Anonymity is not something the newest royal couple has. Will and Kate will be married on April 29 with millions of guests—well, millions of viewers, that is.

We wish them well and hope they have much success in their marriage. They haven’t exactly had great examples of matrimonial bliss as examples to follow, but everyone can blaze anew and make their own tracks in how they do things.

Attitude drives much of our problems and many of our solutions.

Having to live where everyone evaluates their every misdirected comment, sartorial splendor or not, bad hair days and good hair days, vacationing to relieve stress while paparazzi have a field day—well, it does make it harder to sit back and have some basic fun in marriage.

Be grateful for your own problems. Most of us would not want to live in that kind of spotlight—almost like living in a reality TV show.

Oh, if you are interested in an uninformed commentary on the royal wedding, Willy Geist, commentator for MSNBC’s “Way too Early Show” conducts humorous interviews with people not so informed about the most talked about wedding since Princess Diana.

Willy Geist also does some intriguing commentaries on very non-newsworthy events and sometimes current events with quite a slant to the normal perspective of things. When you’re in the mood for a laugh, check it out sometime. He always closes with, “And that’s the news you can not use.”

What do you think? What would you do differently in your marriage if you were famous enough to always be on tabloid covers?

~ Glenda (gj)

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