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The Humdrum of Everyday


Tip 358

The Hum that Keeps Things Going

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Don’t be deceived into thinking the day after day humdrum is bad. It’s that humdrum that we long for when things are out of sync.

So, enjoy the humdrum and relish it. Treat it with respect. Look forward to it.

Have you thought about . . .

the funny way that couples start looking or acting alike as the years roll by

how your mood suddenly changes when “your” song starts playing

the euphoria when you are both in your comfy clothes and can snuggle together with a favorite TV show or movie

when your mate is out of town that you can look at the stars and know the same sky is over your mate

knowing you have someone to share a meal with

What do you think? What little things do you appreciate in your marriage that you normally take for granted?

~ Glenda (gj)

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