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Tip 354

Think about the Little Things

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It’s so easy to let your mind focus on the negative, things you don’t like, things that don’t go well. The more you think about these things, the less room there is to focus on the good things in life. The more negative you think about, that negative grows, festers, expands, and explodes till that’s almost all there is in your life.

Start focusing on the good things, and that’s what your eyes will see. It’s the little things in life that people miss when they are no longer there. How about thinking about:

  the sound of the garage door opening signaling your mate is home for the day

  the smell of your mate’s shirts or clothes

  waking up next to someone you love (or usually love, if you are in a bit of a tiff)

  having someone to share the joys and troubles of your day

♥  trading bites of a delectable dessert you order

What do you think? What everyday joy gives you the most pleasure in your relationship with your mate?

~ Glenda (gj)

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