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Take Care of Your Surroundings


Tip 353

Focus of Earth Day

Earth Day is a day which was created to focus on taking better care of where we live. Rarely do people allow their home or personal surroundings to be treated with the lack of respect that most of us treat the planet on which we live. We all need to think about how to treat Earth as our home and not as a disposable commodity.

When we were first married, we camped out a lot. When ready to leave the campsite, Jack went around picking up all the garbage or things that shouldn’t be there from the whole campsite and surrounding area. At first, I asked him why he was doing that because hardly any of the things he picked up had been left by us.

He always had a natural respect for the environment that I didn’t understand at the time. Now I do.

We currently live in a tourist area and have a beautiful lake a few blocks from us (the Colorado River dammed up). We have a retired friend who volunteers with the local park service. He takes the responsibility to go several times a week to the beaches and campsites and picks up trash, prunes bushes and trees, and makes the areas up and down the lake more presentable for both tourists and locals. He definitely needs an Earth Year reward!

A fun way to spend a no-cost weekend is to go out and look for ways to clean up an environment around where you live or enjoy. If you have kids, they’d enjoy helping, too. Plan for a picnic after you are though to celebrate all the work you did–or go for an ice cream cone because you’ve already worked off the calories.

What do you think? What can you suggest to have fun that might help the environment, too?

~ Glenda (gj)

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