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A Time to Celebrate


Tip 352

The Wonder of Spring

Not only is this the time of year to celebrate the beauty of nature and watch all the baby birds and young wildlife, but it’s a season for Easter. For the everyday world, the pastel colors and the hype of the Easter bunny brings loads of smiles. (We did see the movie, HOP, and thought the animation was absolutely adorable and a delight to see.)

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Spring also brings Good Friday plus the day of Easter when Christ rose from the grave after suffering through death in order to give the human race eternal life, if they choose it. If that’s not something to celebrate, then there is nothing to celebrate. The meaning of Easter grants the ability for life in abundance ever lasting for people who believe in Christ. I’m repeating myself, but that’s a true celebration.

Look around at the wonder of creation. Find something for you and your mate to do this time of year that truly celebrates the joy of the creation—and remember how the creation came to be and the One who made it.

What do you think? What special ways do you celebrate this time of year?

~ Glenda (gj)

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