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Spring Fever

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Ah, it’s spring-time in much of the world, and spring brings such strong feelings to accomplish great things. Thoughts rivet to all things possible and great things to accomplish.

Plus, those cobwebs embedded in the corners and layer of film on the ceiling fans just crave to be scoured. Drawers seem flowing over with items never used. Closets practically defy room for one more hangar in their midst—though most of those things never get worn anyway.

It’s a time of renewal. It’s a time for rejuvenation—and nothing does that like a clean, organized house.

Oh, but who wants to clean when the sky is a rich blue; the air is fresh, and there’s life to live?

That’s where teamwork comes in.

Most everyone has their spirits lifted when their surroundings are clean and organized. Even on Discovery Channel’s, Hoarders, where people sort of choose to level in squalor start feeling a sense of freedom when their environments begin to get clean and organized.

Devise whatever plan that works for you, but do it as a team so that you both get to enjoy that wonderful sunshine and sense of freedom which beautiful weather brings. Working together, you accomplish more than twice as much because working together expands energy and grants a reward of things getting done faster.

Eliminating clutter from your life contributes to a peaceful environment. Passion is restored for feeling good about taking the time to have the fun you desire during this special time of year when flowers bloom, trees bud, and grass turns rich and green.

Do it together.

What do you think? Do you do spring cleaning? Do you have a system for how to rejuvenate your surroundings without getting bogged down and take away time from other things?

~ Glenda (gj)

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