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For the Good of the Team


Tip 349

It Takes More than the Quarterback

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Think about the team sports you used to play in high school or college. The coach talked about how no single person does it all. Without interacting as a unit, the team won’t succeed.

Before I embarrass myself in talking about team sports since I know little about them (I was always the last chosen for any kind of volunteer team sport) I’ll use a different analogy.

Have you ever been to an amateur play or poorly done movie where one character tries to out-shine all the rest of the cast? Have you listened to a choir where one person’s voice is louder than the rest so the blend is completely non-existent? Have you been in organizations where one person constantly seeks to be the center of attention?

There’s a national morning news show of which I dislike watching some of the interviews done by a “team” of two females. One of the women always tries to draw attention to herself in the interviews with guests. Instead of putting the focus on the guest as it should be and the information the guest brings to the show, the one interviewer makes comments, facial expressions, and gestures which put herself in the spotlight of attention.

It’s the same in marriage. Marriage is a team but when one person focuses all the attention on self and what he or she should be entitled to, the marriage doesn’t meld as a team.

Pretend you are an outsider looking in at your marriage. Does this marriage interact as a team and a unit?

On the other hand, perhaps you see each partner hungry to get his or her own way so that entitlement ranks highest instead of what’s good for the marriage.

We all need to step outside ourselves at times to try to see our marriages as others see them. Sometimes we can be surprised at how well we are doing—or we may be surprised at how selfish one or both of the partners is.

What do you think? How can you suggest for both people in a marriage to work as a team?

~ Glenda (gj)

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