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Be Daring


Tip 348

But Don’t Embarrass

from Clipart.com

Be quirky—but not if it’s going to humiliate or embarrass your mate.

Last spring as I was purchasing a couple of items in a discount store I saw a display of “bunny ears.” I grabbed a pair and paid for them with my purchases.

When I neared the door of the store, I plopped the bunny ears on my head. As confidently as I could (though I was more of a shrinking violet inside), I walked to the parking lot where Jack was waiting for me in the car.

He tried to pretend not to notice my huge fluffy ears, which made the whole scene even funnier.

Take risks. If you know it won’t embarrass your mate (it’s probably best not to have your kids with you—they would be embarrassed), then be a little daring.

All you are doing is creating a few more fun memories in life.

What do you think? Are bunny ears for you?

~ Glenda (gj)

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