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Striving for Perfection


Tip 347

The Important Stuff

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We want perfect lives, perfect jobs, perfect mates, and perfect kids. Ok, come on now. You might not say these things out loud, but internally, isn’t that what most people aim for? After all, if you don’t try for the best, then where are you going to reach for?

The trouble with aiming for perfection in everything is that you have to evaluate whose standard of perfection are you using as a gauge? Your standards? Your neighbor’s standards? Your mother’s standards?

Many things in life are perfect for how they are meant to be—our judgments are the ones who don’t see the perfection.

I love a perfect apple. Yet, some are crisp and tart. Others are sweet with juice running down your chin with every bite. Others are better for baking but aren’t as good for plain gnawing into. So which of these apples is perfect?

It can be easy to miss out on fun in life and marriage when our eyes are only on perfection.

What do you think? What role does perfection play in your marriage?

~ Glenda (gj)

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