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Your Stuff Is Boring


Tip 345

I’m Not Interested

It can be easy for couples to find their mate’s work or hobbies boring. However, if that’s how you feel, your mate probably feels a bit of resentment or irritation about your attitude.

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Attitude controls much of life and attitude is one thing in life that you do control. Attitudes can be changed. It may not be easy to change, but easy isn’t the answer to everything in good marriages.

Your mate wants you to be interested in whatever he or she is involved in, so ask questions and keep asking questions. Apologize if you need to for having to ask the same things over and over, but those questions show interest in whatever your spouse does for work or hobby.

It may take months or years to be intitutive or show real care for your mate’s work or hobbies, but your mate will appreciate that you make the effort to understand and show interest.

What do you think? Do you think you need to show interest in things your mate does—or do you think that’s just his or her business and none of yours?

~ Glenda (gj)

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