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Be Creative with Places


Tip 344

Fun Photos from the Past

We talked about looking through your old photos of fun times you’ve had.

from Clipart.com

Print off a bunch of those that bring the most fun memories and leave one every so often in various places: inside the kitchen cabinet, on the car’s speedometer reading, on the pillow, in a drawer, on the TV remote, in a golf bag or tennis racket or other piece of hobby item, on the box of laundry detergent, inside a book or magazine your mate is reading . . . .

Be creative in your ideas of where to leave the photos. Not only does it make it fun to be reminded of memorable events, but it makes it enjoyable to unexpectedly find the photos in unusual places.

What do you think? Where are some fun places you could think to hide photos?

~ Glenda (gj) jp

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