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First Five Minutes


Tip 340

Prepare Yourself

If you routinely do not see your mate all day, those first five minutes upon seeing each other at the end of the day are very important.

Those initial five minutes often set the tone for the entire rest of the day or evening. Think about what those first few minutes are like between you and your mate.

If you are irritated or angry about things that are happening or have happened during the day, take a couple of minutes to try to unwind, de-stress, and calm yourself before seeing your mate.

It could mean sitting in your car quietly by yourself for a few minutes. It might mean taking a walk around the block or building to un-tense. It might mean wandering around a store for a short bit to peruse the aisles or “window shop” in looking at merchandise.

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For me, a favorite way to de-stress or help get out of a bad mood is to look at animal photos. MSNBC has a site called Animal Tracks which changes weekly. It’s usually from 10 to 15 photos of animals. It might be of a camel walk, a cute puppy, snow leopards, hummingbirds, panda bears, bees getting pollen on their legs from flowers–the list is endless. Yet, each time I look at these types of photos, I immediately feel myself being more relaxed.

Find something which has the same type of calming effect for you. Do whatever this calming activity is to help set your mood before greeting your mate. It can get just a wee bit tiresome if the first few minutes every evening is always spent in sharing complaints, gripes, whines, and lamenting about all the bad things of the day.

What do you think? How do you help yourself unwind to create a better mood?

~ Glenda (gj)

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