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Dine Out


Tip 337

Dining in Your Own Yard

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It’s spring and the weather is gorgeous—in most places. Maybe it’s not gorgeous on all days everywhere this time of year, but it’s nearing to a time when most of the days are beautiful and the cold is gone.

Of course not all people are pleased with the weather. Anyone from the Denver area today may not like this post with their 2 inches of hail today and 4 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow, but yesterday was gorgeous weather for them.

People have to grab the wonderful weather when it comes and be thankful for all they can get–which segues to today’s post.

Take your dinner outside to your own yard for a change of routine and have some dining fun. You don’t have a covered patio or even a patio/picnic table and chairs? No problem.

Most people have something with which they can improvise a table—an overturned box with a cloth over it works well if you choose to sit in the grass. Maybe you have a craft table or what used to be called a folding card table. Set that up somewhere outside to enjoy a nice sky or sunset with dinner. Make your table setting or décor colorful to go with the outdoor setting.

I do have to say that we live where it’s too hot for the normal bug problem that most all areas have. We use citronella candles or citronella oil lanterns on the occasion that we might have any flying bugs. I’ve read that moving air such as from a fan also helps to ward away flying insects.

A couple of sites that I found online for getting rid of bugs naturally might help. I can’t speak for the ideas because it’s not a problem that we have here. One is Thriftyfun.com and the other is Patio Gazebos HQ.

Bugs would certainly inhibit having a good time eating outside, so if you can find a way to solve the problem, do take advantage of enjoying the fun of sharing dinner outside. It’s a simple, no-cost activity that can be done anytime the weather permits—and the bugs fly over to the neighbor’s yard instead of yours.

What’s your thoughts?

~ Glenda (gj)

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