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A Progressive Dinner


Tip 331

Indulge in the Variety

Most people have probably participated in progressive dinners. For those who haven’t, a progressive dinner lasts a whole evening with dinner guests traveling to different homes for the various courses of a dinner.

Though they are immense fun, they require many couples or homes to be able to carry out the theme for a progressive dinner.

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Some evening or weekend, plan your own progressive dinner with just the two of you. It really helps if you live in or close to an urban area which offers several desirable restaurants in a close surrounding—so that you can walk from restaurant to restaurant.

Plan out your meal so that you go to one place for an appetizer, another place for a salad, another for the meal, and another for a dessert to be shared by the two of you.

I have to say that I got this idea from our daughter and son-in-law who went from place to place in an old historical district of downtown Denver.

What do you think? How does this idea appeal to you?

~ Glenda (gj)

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