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Act Like a Tourist


Tip 330

Rediscover Your Own Surroundings

Pretend like you haven’t already lived in the same town for a hundred years—well, you understand the hyperbole.

Scour through the classifieds in your area to see what new establishments are offered. Visit some of these places as if you’ve never been there—rather, as if you are a tourist to this environment.

Take a car ride or bike ride (borrow or rent bikes if you don’t have two bikes) and comb through areas of your town you’ve either not been to or rarely go. If you are riding bikes, you can always feel justified in treating yourselves to ice cream cones after the ride.

Look for information from the local Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Bureau, or local historical museum for information you might not know about your area.

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Every area has unique things not known to most residents. Ask for a tour of a local manufacturing facility. You don’t live where’s there’s manufacturing? Neither do we, but we have a place in town that makes false teeth, one that creates artificial rocks, and many places that build boats. Yet, you wouldn’t know at first that we had anything here like these.

If you absolutely are not interested in anything new, different, unusual, or unknown about your own town, then pick the nearest town to you. Develop an interest in everyday life!

What do you think? What interesting things are there in your area that you’ve not encountered? Would you go see them?

~ Glenda (gj)

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