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When You Act Like a Witch


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I’m not really talking about acting like a witch in your marriage relationship, but the word “witch” rhymes so well with another term, that I just say witch.

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It’s rather funny that my last post on March 23 talked about smiling more and how it is hard to have fun in your marriage if one person is constantly scowling. The date on today’s post may say it’s March 24, but it’s actually 10:00 in the morning on March 26 (I’m backdating the post). And, what’s been on my face “most” of the time for 3 days? A monstrous scowl. In fact, I look just like the cartoon on Tip 327 post.

My computer for which I do all these posts decided to rebel and cause turmoil. I think anyone reading this can relate to how unnerving, how frustrated, how angry, how beligerant, how vicious a person can get when a computer decides to do it’s own thing–which is fall over dead.

 Surely, I’m not the only person in the world who has such vehement feelings when there are computer problems in the house.

Thankfully, I have an alternate back-up computer–but since it’s brand new, none of my important information was in it. So, I decided to scowl; I didn’t feel like writing about fun.

However, there is a rainbow in every turmoil. Probably since I’d just written the previous post about attitude, it made me feel a bit guilty for wanting to wallow in my scowling party.

To keep from being a witch nonstop during the days of agonizing turmoil, I made myself stop at least every two hours and do something pleasant–anything which forced my mind to get off the computer problems. Because I have a bulldog tenacity to work nonstop on problems until I find a solution, having that kind of attitude has often caused me to act like the witch in which I write about. I can honestly say that forcing myself to stop every couple of hours and think about and do other things which were pleasant really has did make a differnce–well, not in the computer, but it made a difference in my attitude.  

We had plans already made for Thursday night, and normally I would have cancelled. This time we kept our plans and had a great time.

No talk about computers. No thoughts about computers. Nothing. Just focus on our evening together.

People have so little time to relish their relationships that we must do everything possible to focus on the good moments and not let the bad things takeover.

What do you think? How do handle those times when everything seems to crash in on you?

~ Glenda (gj)

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