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Tip 327

Your Face

Have you ever thought about what your face looks like? I’m not talking about perfectly symmetrical features which qualify for the yearly 100 Most Beautiful People in People Magazine.

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Your face usually radiates what’s within. What does your face radiate?

If you are constantly scowling, how can people (let alone your spouse) feel at ease and comfortable around you? It’s almost guaranteed that your mate will feel like “walking on egg shells” around you.

Oh, but you say you never scowl. That’s good—but how do you know that?

Do people often tell you that you always seem happy? Do you laugh easily—not at other’s expense? Do you look with joy at most of the things you encounter each day? Do you like most of the people you meet? I would think then that you are right. I bet you don’t scowl too often.

On the other hand—When you are shopping, do most of the people you meet irritate you? Do you usually know that you can do things better than the teachers in the school system, the coaches for your kids’ teams, other employees where you work, your mate? Do bad things always seem to happen to you or your family? Do you often have things worse off than those around you?

Notice how your jaw feels. Stop now and take notice. Are your teeth held tightly together so that they are almost clinched? Odds are that you are a person who scowls a lot and aren’t even aware of it.

Feel your scalp. Is your scalp loose on your head as if it could be detached easily? I’m serious. If your scalp is tight, then you are tense; your facial muscles will be tense, and you are going to be scowling—even if only a slight scowl.

We often mirror the people we are around the most. So, if you are one who scowls a lot, then your mate is going to sense this. It’s going to be much harder to ever feel light hearted and have fun in marriage. It won’t seem natural.

Maybe it’s time to take a personal face analysis.

What do you think? Do you think what’s inside people shows on their faces?

~ Glenda (gj)

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