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Tip 324

First Day of Spring

Yea! It’s the first day of spring today!

Whether you like gardening or even have room for gardening, think about planting something on this first day of spring.

I’m not adept at plants–even house plants–but it’s fun to try. Jack is the one who seems to have an innate sense of what plants need. I’ve flatly declared that a plant was dead before, and yet he somehow brings it back to life–if I haven’t already tossed it into the trash.

Though most gardening or raising plants doesn’t work in our area, we do have 5 huge pots out by our patio and a whisky-barrel at the end of the pool.This is the time of year we put new plants in those pots. It’s a fun ritual we look forward to doing each year and love seeing the flowers bloom.

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It is true though that all the little chipmunks in our area love this time of year when we re-pot the flowers we’ve just bought. When we’ve not remembered which flowers to stay away from buying, occasionally all the flowers will be dead within a week (some by the end of the first day)–or I should say “consumed.” Because we also love watching the antics of the chipmunks with burying Palo Verde seeds as well as chasing each other everywhere, we don’t do anything to discourage them. We just have to remember which flowers to buy that the chipmunks don’t have a taste for.

Come to think of it, we bought marigolds this year for those pots and will be setting them into the larger pots this afternoon. Marigolds may be what the chipmunks devoured within a few days last year. We’ll soon know if we chose the wrong flowers.

If you can’t have a planting ritual to look forward to each spring, maybe you’d like having a pot or two indoors with herbs for the kitchen. Another idea is to donate a tree to the local park each spring. You don’t have to take care of it, but you get to relish seeing it grow and provide enjoyment for many people. Some parks also provide a name plate with your name or “in honor of” at the base of the tree.

What do you think? Do you have a ritual for springtime that you like to do?

~ Glenda (gj)

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