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Tip 323

The Great Outdoors

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Whether you prefer to do fun things indoors or outdoors, you can’t let seldom seen, dramatic features in nature pass by. Tonight the moon is coined a “supermoon” because it will be the closest to earth that it’s been in 18 years at nearly the same moment it becomes a full moon. It’s real name is a perigree moon.

Whether you lie in lawn chairs (covered in blankets if it’s too cold) with a thermos of cider, take a boat out on the local lake, or simply go for a moonlit walk, don’t let such a wondrous site pass by without taking advantage of it with someone you love.

As I’ve mentioned in early posts, it was by coincidence that the first years we were married, our vacations happened to be during full moon times. Because we always like the out of doors, we began craving the thrill that full moons seemed to bring to evenings. For a while, I made note on each month when the moon would be full and planned our outings around those times.

Finding simple things to do revolved around nature provides fun in marriage that costs nothing monetarily but provides memories for a lifetime to come.

What do you think? What occasions in nature spur you to do fun things?

~ Glenda (gj)

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