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Tip 322

Everything You Can Imagine

When you want to have fun with a crazy idea for a party, check out the book, Happy Anniversary! A Guide to Fun and Romantic Anniversary Celebrations by Robin A. Kring. The title may say it’s for anniversaries, but the ideas could be used for all types of celebrations: birthday parties, “just because I love you” parties, anniversaries, theme parties for anything you can think of to celebrate.

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Ideas to celebrate might be—you just got a raise at your job; you’re brand new grandparents to your bullmastiff puppies; snow has finally left for the year; it’s the 31st day of the month (and there are only seven times that happens a year). You can surely think of something to celebrate!

The book has countless theme ideas. It also goes into great detail for coordinating theme decorations, food, costumes (if desired), invitations, gift ideas, entertainment and sometimes special instructions for guests.

What do you think? Do theme party ideas sound fun to you—whether it’s just the two of you or if you have an entire guest list?

~ Glenda (gj)

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