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I Love You Celebration


Tip 320

Just Because

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Plan a surprise party for two with a theme which suits your sweetheart’s favorite passion in life. It could be Nascar, horses, sailing, the ocean, hiking, books, sports, or whatever. If it’s your mate’s favorite thing to do, then you probably already have enough items with which you can decorate.

Make it a fun surprise with a party type atmosphere with food and beverage to go along with the theme. Activities also revolve around the theme. Sure you can’t sail in your living room, but you could rent a favorite sailing movie to watch. Use your imagination for ideas.

This makes an especially meaningful celebration to plan this at a time when your mate has seemed bogged down or stressed with too much to do.

When your partner asks why a party for just the two of you, you say, “Just because I love you.”

What do you think? Would your mate like a party celebrating just the two of you?

~ Glenda (gj)

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