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Strange Behaviors


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To Whom Is It Odd


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We all have behaviors that are odd to other people. Ever since I was a child, I set the table according to the way the Girl Scout manual declared to be the right way. Now, if I go to a restaurant and my table setting is not set the way I believe it should be, I quietly rearrange my utensils or where the glass is placed and such.

If I’m in someone’s home or in public with other people and the table is not set the way I do, I leave it. It would be rude to change it. Afterall, not everyone sets a table in the same way.

However, when in our home when it’s just the two of us, if my husband sets the table differently than I do, I instinctively rearrange my silverware or glass “to their correct” position. Because I try to be discreet in doing this, Jack never noticed what I did for many years. However, once he noticed, it caused him a little angst at first. After a while, he just gave in and realized I would change it if he set it differently.

With some couples little idiosyncrasies like these can cause World War III in a relationship. However, we all have quirks and those quirks help establish who we are. If you try to change every little quirk, strange behavior, idiosyncrasy of your spouse to be acceptable to you, you’ll rob your mate of part of his or her personality.

It’s also all about the cliché “pick your battles” for the things in life which really need to be changed and which should simply be ignored.

What do you think? What are some traits in a person that drives you nuts?

~ Glenda (gj)

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