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An Hour Lost


Tip 317

Making Up for Lost Time

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People rarely have enough hours in a day to do all they want or need to do, yet, today lost an hour. It’s Daylight Savings Time for much of the world, and the day got an hour shorter. That’s an hour you won’t get back—no, wait, you’ll get that back next fall. Oh, well. Who wants to wait until fall? There are three things you need to do to get back that hour.

Think about the fun you know you could have had if the hour hadn’t got ripped off your clock. Let your imagination run wild. What would you like to do that you didn’t get to do?

1. Whatever came to mind, do this week. Whatever it takes put that idea into this week’s calendar, do it! You’ve lost an hour. Now is the time to make up for lost time.

2. Decide one event you will do every week for the next month to create more fun and a better relationship between you and your mate. You already have a great relationship? That’s outstanding. However, there’s always room for doing more. No ideas for things to do? You can always check back through many of the over 300 entries listed at funinmarriage.com for some creative ideas. Relationships don’t last if don’t work at them.

3. Don’t wait idly for those special events each week. What are you doing each day to let your mate know you cherish him or her? Working hard on the house, yard, or job doesn’t count. How are you making your mate feel loved, appreciated, respected, admired, and like you would choose him or her all over again? What are you doing to make your mate feel like the most important person in the world to you?

What do you think? How important is it to try to create the best relationship imaginable? If you have to work at it, then does that mean something isn’t right? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

~ Glenda (gj)

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