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A Blanket to Wrap Up In


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Warm, Soft, Soothing, and Cuddly

We’ve always joked about the “red blanket” and what it means to us.

It is an honest to goodness red blanket. It’s a quilt made out of wool scraps, mostly from discarded old coats. Though you don’t usually wash wool, this has been washed

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so many times that the wool is very soft and a little frayed. Of course, the red flannel underside makes the snuggle factor irresistible as the weight of the wool acts like tentacles to wrap around you.

When one of us wants to vegetate a few minutes and relax, the other person often says, “You want me to get the red blanket?” or we just dig it out of the closet and gingerly cover the other person with it. We’ve always wished we had two “red blankets,” but this is handmade and quilts like this aren’t easily found anywhere. Jack’s mom made this for us many years ago. Even though we now live in the desert and don’t have the same need for heavy covers as people who live in cold climates, we still love this monstrosity of a blanket just as much.

To solve the major problem, we’ll often cuddle on the same area with the blanket over both of us. However, we’ve either gotten wider or the wool has shrunk immeasurably, because it’s not covering both of us as well now. But, it’s nice to pretend we’re both being covered adequately with this momentous, heavy-weight quilt.

What do you have? Do you have something which you share such fond memories about when you want to relax? What’s your trigger for that something extra with which to relax?

~ Glenda (gj)

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