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Work with It

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Americans are tired. They have too much to do. How can they possibly try to focus on a good, fun-loving family with strong relationships and right focus when each family member can barely keep up with what must be done?

Years ago I worked with a person who traveled the world extensively and was not from the US. This person told me that Americans do more things, are busier, and have more obligations than most people in other countries.

I can’t speak for whether that’s true or not, but I hardly know of a person from the United States who doesn’t have a maxed-out schedule. For people in other countries their schedules may be different but they often have longer work hours, less free time, and farther to travel to get to work.

The only way to develop family times and husband/wife relationships that people want is through planning. Planning doesn’t guarantee a perfect life, but it guarantees a higher probability of getting the life you want than just letting each day’s circumstances waft by.

1. Work in advance with a calendar to fill all the family activities that can’t be moved: ballgames, lessons, school days, activities with your spouse.

2. Log in the work activities which are absolutes and can’t be moved.

3. Start writing in all the other scheduled activities.

When you look at this calendar and already feel frustrated and overwhelmed, you have to change your attitude. If this is your schedule and it can’t be changed, then “work with it.”

When things overlap, then you must juggle, eliminate, or create another date and time to make things work. Don’t accept the status quo and say, “Oh, well, we just didn’t have the time and things never work out.” Look for attaining both quality and quantity family and spouse time.

“Work with it” has always been the most often used expression in our household. It simply means that if something isn’t working, then we must work with it so that it will work. Rarely will things just fall into place. You have to work with them.

What do you think? How do you make things happen when there is no time? How do you put your mate and family as a priority? How do you find ways to have fun in marriage?

~ Glenda (gj) viagra femenina

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