365 Days of Fun in Marriage

No more boring marriage! Try 365 for communication and ideas to add fun to everyday life.

Visual Clues


Tip 309

Colorful Reminders

Either purchase some of those brightly colored, little sticky arrows (sold at discount stores and office supply stores) or make your own.

from Clipart.com

Choose one color to represent fun time spent only with your spouse. Choose another color to represent quality time spent with your kids or your spouse and kids.

Put these on the calendar a month or more in advance. They serve as a strong visual reminder that you’ve set aside time to devote to your priority relationships. It makes it easier to keep those important fun times with family and not let other activities creep in and take over.

What do you think? How do you keep your family commitments and not let a hundred activities overtake that time?

~ Glenda (gj)

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    Do you have a boring, dull, ho-hum marriage, or a FUN marriage? 365 has ways to add fun into your marriage. Some ways are simple; some are outlandish; some are easy, some are . . . well, check it out.