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It’s Your Day


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Pick a Day of the Week

Life happens whether you try to pack as much into it that you can or whether you lie in a hammock all your life and observe the days and years go by.

You can’t blame too many activities in life for why you can’t have fun. Sure, blaming our schedules is something most of us point to anyway, but believe it or not, you still have an element of control over your schedule—except for major tragedies which must be attended to.

So, how can you help to control a schedule and put more in when there’s no time already?

Pick a day. Any day will do. Ours was and still is Friday. Yes, Friday comes every week, pretty much 52 times a year.

That was our day (the evening after work) from just about the first week of marriage, and it hasn’t changed in over 40 years. Of course, we don’t get to do something fun every single week, but with having a focus that Friday night is “our night” then it kept our minds on trying to free that time and keep it open for each other. After the kids came, Friday night was still our night, and we simply made it fun as a family much of the time.

We were always active in church and the churches we’ve been a part of have activities 24/7 it seems. Our kids had dozens of activities just as kids do now. Yet, mentally, we knew that Friday night was a target to relax, have fun, or do something special. If you aim for once a week but have to miss your day, then you still have three scheduled opportunites the rest of the month.

The bottom line is to pick a day of the week to focus on and work towards that day. Don’t allow yourself to get angry if other things interfere; just keep trying your hardest to do something meaningful on “your day” next week.

What do you think? Do you try to have a special day every single week or month? Or do you just work to have fun when you get around to it?

~ Glenda (gj)

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