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Listen to Your Intuition


Tip 307

A Mind Like Popcorn

The more you focus on putting fun into your marriage, being best friends with each other, and treating your mate as someone you feel is super special, the more these things will become a reality.

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Don’t worry about sitting with a piece of paper and struggling to think of fun things you can do together. If you want to have fun together, notice how others have fun. Read some magazine articles or books (or blogs) with ideas for having fun. Don’t struggle with it. Let your mind relax about having fun and sure enough, you’ll more than likely start thinking of all sorts of ideas.

However, when ideas—even crazy ideas—pop into your head, jot those ideas down so you won’t forget them. You can log them into a part of your brain where you tell yourself you won’t forget, but if you are Athazagoraphobia, you probably will forget. (Athazagoraphobia is a fear of forgetting.)

I don’t fear forgetting something, I know I’ll forget it, so I write things down.

When your desire is to have more fun together, little ideas suited just for the two of you will start popping into your mind. It’s just like when you pop popcorn. It starts out slowly, a pop or two here or there, then pretty soon, the whole microwave is bursting with pops trying to get out of that little bag. That’s how ideas come.

If you think an idea is too corny, too silly, too weird, don’t toss it out. Your intuition is often a better guide than what you think might be right. As an adult, you’ve been trained in social graces, political correctness, etiquette, and manners. Those things are absolutely important in life and more people should become skilled in them. However, those things can also steal your creativity, your freedom of thought, your aptitude for being spontaneous and fun—unless it’s preplanned fun in a controlled environment.

Let your mind pop with ideas until you have so many fun things you’re sure your mind will explode.

What do you think? How do you get ideas for fun between you and your mate?

~ Glenda (gj)

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