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Rotten Marriages


Tip 306

Spoiled Rotten

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People’s minds always jump to the negative.

There are different kinds of rot. Some rot is good when you are making a nice compost heap for a lush garden. That’s how you can think of your marriage: you are making a lush garden created by your life and your marriage.

Spoiling your mate rotten once in a while helps your marriage garden become lush and ripe.

Having fun in marriage unites couples and helps create a stronger bond. Yet, sometimes if you talk about having fun in a person’s marriage, people give you a blank stare—fun in marriage is so foreign. Many couples never give a thought to “Are we having fun.”

However, if you think of ways you can spoil each other (it does not have to be monetarily), then you’ll automatically be adding fun into your relationship. You’ll be doing things which you know will delight your spouse.

What do you think? How do you spoil your mate? Or do you think your mate is too spoiled already? Maybe you are afraid to spoil your mate because he or she will take advantage of being spoiled.

~ Glenda (gj)

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