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Observation Is Important


Tip 304

Do You Notice a Change

How quickly do you notice anything different in your wife or husband? Do you notice immediately if your spouse has had a hair cut—even if the cut is not drastically different?

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Do you notice if your mate is wearing something new or wearing something differently? Do you notice if the person is wearing a color or style not usually worn?

How quickly do you notice? Does your spouse have to point out to you that there is a change or something is different?

It makes people feel wanted, needed, liked, and loved, if the people they are closest to notice little changes in appearance or the manner something is done. Give a compliment or make notice in a pleasant way that you observe something different.

What do you think? How often do you notice changes in your mate? Does your spouse notice changes in you or do you have to point them out?

~ Glenda (gj)

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