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Volunteer with Those Adorable Babies


Tip 302

Enrich Older Residents

For couples who love pets, another fun no-cost outing is to volunteer with the local humane societies with their kitten and puppy programs for nursing homes or assisted facility environments.

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So many older people love to be around animals but due to their living arrangements in facilities where they can receive assistance, the elders don’t get to have their pets anymore.

Check with your local humane societies. Many have occasional or routinely scheduled programs of volunteers taking either kittens or puppies to the senior care facilities and go room to room to allow the residents to have a few moments one-on-one time with the puppies or kittens.

It’s such a joyous thing to do if you love animals, and the smiles you see on the older residents makes it even more of a joy.

What do you think? Are there other ways you know of to be around animals if you can’t have your own?

~ Glenda (gj)

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