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Memories to Cherish


Tip 289

Clean Out Your Drawers

It’s a little close to Valentine’s Day, but some people don’t mind rushed deadlines. However, this makes a poignant anniversary gift or birthday gift, too.

Most couples have a drawer(s), box(es), or bag(s) filled with mementos from their dating years, early marriage, and more.

Usually those items are always in the “good intentions” part of a person’s mind to get-around-to someday.

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Take one day to snatch whatever time you can. Stay up late if you have to, but put everything in a scrapbook designed for mementos. Include all those receipts for meaningful things, table napkins for a special night out, a leaf picked up on a walk somewhere, a letter or note, an airline ticket, whatever those mementos are that bring back fond memories of your dating and marriage.

Don’t take time to arrange, make things cutesy, and line everything up just so-so. If you do, more than likely the project will forever stay in the get-around-to pile.

It may not have the perfection you’d like, but the meaning will be far more important than all the beautification you can make it worthy of inspection by Martha Stewart. It’s more significant to share reminders of the fun in marriage than to work to get the scrapbook to Grade A perfection.

Your mate will love it just the way you made it and will forever thank you.

What do you think? What do you do with all the little tidbits, programs, notes, and trinkets which remind you of your life together?

~ Glenda (gj)

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