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Your Favorite Candy Bar


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Just for You, Honey


A fun idea to add to whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day is to buy your sweetie his or her favorite full sized candy bar.

Now, carefully take the wrapper off the candy bar and draw around it on several blank sheets of printer paper. It always takes several sheets of paper usually to get the end product to come out just the way you want it.

With your computer, create a fun design along with your own personalized message to your sweetheart. Be inventive. Be creative.

If you chose something with a lot of nuts in it, you might write on the wrapper, “I go nuts over you.”

For those candy bars which are labeled as having lots of bits of honey in them, you might say, “You’ll forever and ever be my honey.”

If you choose something like a chocolate bar filled with caramel, the wrapper might say, “The purest of chocolates for my purest love–filled with dreamy filling to forever stick us together and just like me, guaranteed to always melt in your hands.”

OK, so maybe those are a little hokey, but be silly and corny; that’s part of the fun.

Make sure your design fits inside the area which you drew from the real candy bar wrapper. Like I mentioned, it usually takes several printing tries to get your own design just in the exact place. Once you’ve got it like it should be, you might want to run your wrapper on glossy photo paper. Your design will look brighter.

Print. Cut it out. Lightly glue your new wrapper onto the candy bar.

For those that know about them already, yes, you can buy pre-made fun designs to print your own candy bar wrappers. But you have to buy several and this way, you can do your own wrappers on a moments notice (or hour or so that it takes to create the wrapper).

Have fun with it!

What do you think? What fun things can you think of to go onto your homemade candy bar wrappers?

~ Glenda (gj)

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“Your Favorite Candy Bar”

  1. Avatar February 12th, 2011 at 7:21 am Connie Arnold Says:

    I saw your praise on FCW and came to check out your site. The background is great and works well for your site! I like your idea for the Valentine’s candy bars. Cute suggestions for what to put on the wrapper!

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