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Candy for My Sweetheart


Tip 285

Candy and More Candy

Something about Valentine’s Day seems to bring out everything relating to candy. Bags of candy. Candy with words on it. Chocolate candy. Chocolate candy hearts. Every other flavor of candy made into heart shapes. There’s even heart-shaped boxes with non-heart shaped candy in them.

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Candy fills the store aisles. Candy fills the commercials. Candy fills the normally empty candy dishes in our homes. Oh, and this time of year candy is always fresh. If you are going to indulge in candy, it’s one of the best times of year to have candy. It’s like everyone is given a license to eat candy now.

Maybe it’s all the talk of sweetness in relating to your sweetheart that our brains naturally think of the euphoric feeling from eating candy.

Whatever the reason for all the talk of candy (even if it’s just commercially paid advertising duping us), if your mate gives you candy for Valentine’s, smile graciously and say thank you and have a piece of it—unless something health-wise makes it a threat.

If you were keeping your fingers crossed that your honey would not buy you candy for Valentine’s Day because you’ve been doing so well on your diet since Christmas, accept the candy graciously. Don’t be a jerk and say, “But you know I’ve been doing so good on my diet! Why would you tempt me like this?”

Sure, your mate should have known not to tempt you when you’ve been doing so well, but sometimes, it is what it is. The candy can go into the garbage disposal later (or to the neighbor who would love to have it); just don’t let your mate know what you did with it.

It’s like receiving the world’s ugliest gift for Christmas. You don’t say, “Oh, my goodness, what an ugly tie,” or “Oh, dear, I’ve never seen such an awful painting. You surely don’t expect me to hang this on my wall?”

We all have to learn social etiquette skills, but it’s amazing sometimes to be around adults who’ve never learned social graces. But, that’s a whole book in itself.

So for now, let’s just say, accept the candy, and say, “Thank you, honey. I’m glad you think I’m as sweet as candy.”

What do you think? How do you like receiving candy for Valentine’s Day?

~ Glenda (gj) phentermine canada

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