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Not Just for Technology

We live in a world of change—now more than ever. Our cell phone plans need to be updated, our computers, our computer software. How we shop and pay bills has changed. Shoot, how we read books has even changed!

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With constant change why do some people still look like the style they had 10 years ago—or much longer for some? When was the last hair style change? When was the last time you tried a different clothing style? Not saying if you are a classic dresser to start dressing in cherry print Capri pants, peasant top, platform shoes, and a striped scarf around your hair. Yet, changing something about your looks every once in a while adds interest and fun to your marriage relationship.

Same old, same old can get boring.

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to do something wildly different. If you really want to keep that same hair style you’ve had for 25 years, and the same everyday style of clothes you never dress up or dress down, then at least buy something outlandish in nightwear—maybe even in the color red.

Spice things up. Change things. Add some fun and life to a look you’ve had for way too long. If you are a person whose high school or college photo could have a few wrinkles added and a little more width added but the rest would be the same, you’re in need of a change.

You say this could never be you? If at every high school reunion you are told you look exactly like you did in high school—listen up. That’s not always a compliment.

What do you think? How can you change your looks without giving up a style that works for you?

~ Glenda (gj)

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