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Be Fun and Loving All Day Long


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Common Sense but Something We Forget

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What an inventive idea to be fun and loving all day long. We talk about ways to have more fun. We talk about things to do to be more loving. Yet, too much of the time we think of having more fun or having more romance are events we do, things we schedule, stuff to look forward to. Yes, we do that, too, but we’ll enjoy it more when we make the fun a daily event.

To have the best fun in marriage and to regain (or ignite) a spark that’s been missing, make it a practice to be playful and fun all day.

Try a hug before breakfast, a wink during the meal, and a pat on the rear as you leave for the morning. It might include a super fast phone call or text during the day with something meaningful to your relationship instead of just “can you pick up some milk and bread on the way home?”

In the evening give a series of pecks all over your mate’s cheek or a smoochy kiss in the evening, exchange playful banter that only the two of you understand. Sit and snuggle arm in arm for 5 minutes in the evening if you don’t have more time than that. Five minutes. You must make time to focus on your mate each day.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, don’t get caught in the trap of focusing on a single day out of 365 for fun in marriage and love and romance and a good time. . . .

What do you think? Share your ideas for having more fun in marriage and for getting/keeping a spark alive.

~ Glenda (gj)

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