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Formal Invitation


Tip 276

Special Delivery

Create an invitation by hand or on computer for a weekend away, a special evening without the kids, a fun outing, or something different than you normally do.

Go out to eat at a restaurant and take the invitation with you, but keep the invitation hidden.

After you’ve been seated and have ordered your meal, excuse yourself from the table by saying you are going to the ladies room or gents room (whichever is appropriate for you).

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While you are away from your table, to add some fun in marriage give the invitation to your server or waiter with the request to hand it to your mate during the meal. You might ask the server to say, “This was delivered for you.” Of course, tipping your server to do this would be nice.

The surprise at receiving something so unexpectedly in this manner adds a flair to the invitation and a suspense of what it’s all about.

What do you think? What unique ways do you have for asking your mate out for a special evening?¬†With Valentine’s Day approaching, couples would love to hear your suggestions.

~ Glenda (gj)

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