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Talk about It


Tip 274

Couples Assume but Never Ask

When the time is appropriate (not when you’re grouchy, irritable, the house is a mess, or you’re in desperate need of sleep), sit down for a discussion you’ve probably never had.

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Ask each other:

– What things do you think are romantic?

– What would be the most romantic weekend to you if money were no option?

– What would be the most romantic weekend to you when the budget is tight?

– Is there some way that you like me to show you I’m in a romantic mood?

– How can I be more romantic to you?

– What do you think is unromantic?

– What can you suggest to improve our love life when there’s no time left in the day or week?

To have fun in marriage, communication is key and romance is part of that. Yet couples often don’t talk about such personal issues. Men and women think differently. It can not be said, “Well, if my spouse really loved me, he/she would know what I like.” Nope. If that were always true, you’d be married to a clone. It’s pivotal in a relationship to remember men and women think differently and communicate differently.

If talking about likes and dislikes in romance is too difficult, it might make the discussion easier with Valentine’s Day approaching.

What do you think? How should couples handle discussing romantic likes and dislikes? Do you think it’s important to talk about it?

~ Glenda (gj)

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