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Tip 273

Kidnapping Is Hardly Illegal

We’re talking about kidnapping someone who will relish being kidnapped.

Make overnight plans, pack the bags, hide the bags, and whisk your mate away.

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Don’t let your mate know what’s happening. Make up something—(OK, some people “might” call it lying)—but tell your mate you’ve made plans for the two of you to go the movies or for dinner out.

It’s best if you are driving that evening so that you can steer in the right direction. If your mate insists on driving, you’re going to have to divulge the surprise.

If you are taking a taxi, slip the taxi driver a note as to where you want to go so your mate doesn’t hear, or just announce to the taxi driver where you’re going.

Make it a big surprise so that your mate knows nothing in advance. It provides a surreal experience. It’s especially wonderful to do when your mate has been maxed with work, deadlines, duties, distractions, or obligations. A weekend away can really help rejuvenate a tired, stressed-out spouse.

There’s just something special about the element of surprise.

To kidnap your spouse is still a lot fun in marriage even if you take the kids with you. It all focuses on what your plans are for the weekend and the type of place in which you are staying. Plus, it depends on whether you are needing an outing to relax or needing an outing to rejuvenate just as husband and wife.

~ Glenda (gj)

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