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Fun Weekend Breakfast


Tip 268

Not a Typical Breakfast

For one of those laid back breakfasts on a weekend, plan it out to send a romantic message for some fun in marriage.

Serve heart shaped biscuits on a red doily and plum (red) jam. Have a cranberry juice beverage and serve some red cherries, red grapes, or better yet, strawberries.

from Clipart.com

How do you get heart shaped biscuits? If you buy the frozen kind or canned variety, just cut a small V in them, and they’ll bake up heart shaped. If you make your own, you can use a heart shaped cookie cutter.

If you have regular biscuits, you could place a small heart shaped cookie cutter (or heart shape you cut from parchment paper or foil) and dollup the jam onto the biscuit. Lift the heart shape, and voila, you’ve made a magical red heart on the biscuit.

Craft stores sell candy molds in heart shape which work fabulously to squish butter into the candy mold, refrigerate, and pop out heart shaped butter.

Don’t like biscuits? Kitchen and gourmet shops sell heart shaped utensils to make heart shaped eggs or heart shaped pancakes.

Making French Toast? You can cut the bread with a heart shaped cutter.

What do you think? What other ideas can you give for a different and fun breakfast?

~ Glenda (gj)

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