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Get Your Paper, Read All About It


Tip 267

Tell the Whole Community

This time of year probably every local newspaper in the country has a special classifieds section for people to buy an inexpensive ad extolling their love for their sweethearts.

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Maybe you don’t usually read your local paper, but it’s still a wonderful gesture. Just get a copy of the paper with your ad and leave it open and circled with a red heart drawn around it or something so your sweetie will see it.

The wording is short–unless you want to pay for more, and many of these ads allow photos.

This is something that local papers only do once a year at Valentines. So, be aware that deadlines for these is usually at least a week before Valentine’s Day. You can’t wait until  the last minute to get an ad.

For some fun in marriage leave a loving message that the whole world reading will know how you feel, or leave a clandestine message that only your spouse will understand.

Just don’t wait around until it’s too late and you’ll wish you would have done something about it.

What do you think? What message would you want the whole world to know about your sweetie?

~ Glenda (gj)

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